Git & GitHub Foundations Workshop - Dublin

This workshop runs from 9:30am-5:30pm

TCube Dublin is proud to announce another Git & GitHub Foundations Workshop in Dublin.

Led by Lorna Jane Mitchell the Foundations class helps you, as a newcomer to Git and GitHub, fully grasp the concepts and application of distributed version control so that you can effectively begin using this productivity-enhancing suite of tools.

During this full-day training course, Lorna will explore the foundations of Git and GitHub through practical every-day commands and processes, concluding with workflow ideas and practical tips that will get you on the road to mastery of this revolutionary version control system.


  • Introductions
  • Git and your initial setup
  • Git configuration and its inheritance
  • SSH Authentication and your first repository
  • Understanding and thinking in Git's three stages
  • Adding, committing, and diff-ing code changes
  • The Similarity Index; Moving, Renaming, and Removing files
  • Reviewing version history in Git
  • Strategies for efficiency
  • Managing and using Git Remotes
  • Branching, Tagging, and Stashing
  • Merging, Rebasing, and managing conflicts
  • Undoing your work with Git
  • Making Git work with SVN


  • Understand how Git works and how to apply that to day to day development.
  • Learn how GitHub makes distributed collaboration both effective and enjoyable.
  • Practice the use of Pull Requests to make contributions to any project.
  • Learn the basic 10 commands that will appear in your every-day use of Git.
  • Know how to “back out” mistakes using Git’s incredible history and ability to revert almost any change.
  • Leverage the features of GitHub for easier collaboration with colleagues.
  • Discover how the offline capabilities of Git work.


  • Basic knowledge about a version control system is recommended, whether that be Subversion, CVS, Perforce, StarTeam, SourceSafe, ClearCase or any similar product.
  • GitHub and Git Class Prerequisites


Seats for the full day workshop are priced at €119.00 and include refreshments and lunch. But hurry - seats are limited so avoid disappointment and secure yours now by registering above!


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