Git & GitHub Advanced Workshop - Dublin

This workshop runs from 9:30am-5:30pm

TCube Dublin is proud to announce its first Git & GitHub Advanced Workshop in Dublin.

Many Git workshops successfully focus on the basics for those new to DVCS. However, with Git having a full 5 years on the street now, there is a growing desire to address the maturing users of this innovative DVCS. Led by Lorna Jane Mitchell this full-day workshop will take existing Git users and bring them to a heightened level of productivity by leveraging Git’s powerful, yet underused “advanced” features.


  • Common Branching Strategies
  • Branching Models
  • Applying Branching Strategies
  • Branch Pull Options
  • Reusing Small Pieces of Code
  • Inserting Commits Into Existing History
  • Building Custom Commands via Aliases
  • Undoing and Re-doing Almost Anything
  • Minimizing Repetitive Conflict Resolution
  • Log History Searches
  • Advanced Interactive Rebase
  • Commit Data Structure Internals
  • Refspecs


  • Enabling Git users to effectively migrate repositories from other formats.
  • Facilitate history modification of Git repositories.
  • Establish time-tested branching and merging strategies.
  • Enhance knowledge of Git tools to simplify history.
  • Search Git history with ease and precision.
  • Move to and reuse code on other branches via commits and tags.
  • Understand Git’s tagging and GPG signing process.


  • Basic knowledge about a version control system is recommended, whether that be Subversion, CVS, Perforce, StarTeam, SourceSafe, ClearCase or any similar product.
  • GitHub and Git Class Prerequisites


Seats for the full day workshop are priced at €149.00 and include refreshments and lunch. But hurry - seats are limited so avoid disappointment and secure yours now by registering above!


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  • Registration is not currently available.

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