Patchwork SF


September 30

6:30-9pm GitHub HQ 88 Colin P Kelly Jr. St San Francisco, CA, 94107

Patchwork is a hands on workshop for learning Git and GitHub. There will be snacks for hackin', lots to learn, and new friends to be made.

We'll have GitHub staff and other open source mentors to lend a hand as attendees make their way through the workshop.

Patchwork night is great for people new to Git and GitHub. By the end of the night you'll have created your first open source project, merged a pull request, and will have green squares on your contribution graph!

If you want to help mentor future open sourcers, this night is for you, too. You and GitHub staff members will help attendees with questions throughout the workshop.

@jlord will give a talk on becoming an engineer and a community member will complete the evening with a lightning talk on an open source project. @mattyoho, @rachelmyers, @bleikamp, @chrissiebrodigan, @paulcbetts and other Hubbers and mentors will all be on hand to answer your queries!

Also, no coding experience required! RSVP now.

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