Electron 2018 Prague

This is the biannual Electron mini-summit, organized by GitHub, and hosted by folks from the Electron maintainers community.

Our top goal is to maintain a welcoming, safe, and friendly environment to all who wish to participate in good-faith. Please only sign-up if you can agree to adhere to the Code of Conduct at all times. This includes any off-campus community events, such as group dinners, and other activities related to the mini-summit, or mini-summit attendees. People who cannot adhere to the CoC may be asked to lave the event at their own cost (i.e. no more free lunch). In severe cases, such as sexual-harassment, you may be removed from the maintainers group, or general community.

I want to sell this to my manager, help me!

Great question! I hope this helps:

We at $COMPANY are making a large investment in Electron. GitHub is making almost all of their team's process transparent to the community, and this event is their biannual team planning session. Our voice can make a big difference here, and we should send both management and developers. Managers will get the chance to have 1-1 discussions with the GitHub engineering and product managers. Developers will get to talk and pair with core Electron developers, along with other community members.


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