• Join us for the Gig City Elixir 2-Day Conference and the 1-Day Nerves Project training by Nerves team members Justin Schneck and Frank Hunleth. Title: Device to the Cloud with Nerves and NervesHub The Elixir language and Erlang runtime provide a productive and uniquely robust environment that is perfect for everything from embedded devices to cloud servers. This class extends on previous Nerves training by introducing device/server communication techniques and device management with NervesHub. Attendees will use real devices (with buttons and an OLED screen!) and build a simple multi-user game with the help of the authors of Nerves. The workshop is appropriate for beginners and expert Elixir programmers alike since it focuses more on embedded development than pure coding. Since Nerves development is rapidly improving, even veteran embedded Elixir programmers will learn new ways of making their experience better. Beginners to Elixir are encouraged to create toy projects and learn about GenServers and OTP releases beforehand. We will be providing Raspberry Pi's and accessories to use during the class. It is unnecessary to buy hardware. We provide purchase lists for buying the hardware afterwards and recommendations on equipment that is useful for embedded development. Tickets are non-refundable. If possible, we'll pay it forward and scholarship someone who wouldn't have otherwise been able to attend the conference and class.
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