Healthcare tech companies pitching to investors

What is this module about? This module will be a whole day conference for any healthcare tech company looking to raise money. Health tech entrepreneurs need the right investment at the right time to drive growth and scale innovation. We will publish a schedule for individual entrepreneurs and start-up health tech businesses to register interest and pick a time slot to pitch to the investors. Each business will get a 15 minute time slot comprising of 5 minutes to pitch and 10 minutes of questions and answers from the investors/audience.

Who is this module for? This module will be a stage for any healthcare technology company anywhere in the world who is looking to raise money, whether that be the very first amount of money you raise for your business or a larger amount of money for more established businesses.

Why should you participate in this module? We’ve been doing this for years as an example last year GIANT had this conference connecting businesses looking to raise money with investors. Last year GIANT had a conference called Accelerate Health: Financing the Future, we had extremely talented curators, panel discussions from people from Barclays, Feebris, Angels in Medcity and many more acclaimed companies.


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