Let's dive into Flutter

Flutter is a free and open-source software development kit created by Google, that enables you to develop applications for both Android and iOS using a single codebase. Because it was released in 2017, it has now a wide online community of developers and contributors.

With Flutter, you can design beautiful and modern UIs, and develop fast and high-performance native apps for your company, startup, … helping designers, prototypers and developers. Dart is the object-oriented programming language that is used to code Flutter apps and to access platform APIs and services.

Besides this, Flutter has a comprehensive widget catalog available to use in any app. Widgets are components that can be integrated with your apps, that enables you to bring smooth animations to them, gestures, scrolling, icons, styling and so forth...

Flutter integrates with most popular integrated development environments, like Android Studio, IntelliJ IDEA or Xcode, and it was thought to be accessible for both new and experienced developers in mobile development.

For your reference, here are some Flutter videos that let you have a deep dive into this framework: https://www.youtube.com/flutterdev.



June 1st, 2019

9:30am – 2:00pm UTC

Additional Information

About the event

The event will take place on 1st of July 2019, at 09:30 am, in the Jesuits' College of Funchal, one of the most remarkable historic buildings of the island, with more than 400 years of existence.

This workshop is intended for people who have already some experience with programming in mobile and new to Flutter development.

The workshop will be tended in English. Despite this, there, you will be invited to ask questions (don’t be afraid of), to suggest, to try, to fail, to play… in Portuguese (if you can’t speak English) or in English.

In the following days, after the end of the workshop, we will send to your email your certificate of participation in the workshop, so you can share with your friends what have you just conquered!

What do I need to bring with me?

Just bring a computer with the peripherals that you use on a normal day. Further information about the software that you need to have pre-installed on your computer, for the workshop, will be sent to your email a few days before it. Thus, in the day, we can jump right into the framework.

We will provide you with a free wireless connection and access to all the files used during the talk so that you can review and try it at home.


09:30 – Conference registration;
10:00 – Workshop: Let's dive into Flutter! (part I);
11:00 – Coffee-break;
11:30 – Workshop: Let's dive into Flutter! (part II);
14:00 – Wrap up.

The workshop will start strictly at 10:00, but the rest of the program is just something that we got it down and may be changed on the day, according to the attendees.

For the conference registration, you don't need to print your ticket. Just show us the e-ticket that you received when you bought the ticket on ti.to.


There is only one type of ticket, and It includes full access to the tech talk and its contents, a certificate of participation and a coffee-break, where the ideas can be shared and discussed.


Filipe Barroso

Filipe Barroso is not your usual software developer, he loves getting out of the zone of comfort and if you don't see him at a tech event, he is probably organizing the next tech event for Google Developer Group Lisbon, that he is an organizer for the last last 3 years, where he organized more than 60 events, 4 of them being full-day conferences. He is always reading about psychology or supporting a local community to grow. He has a strong opinion about social impact, inclusivity and the importance of communities. Lately, he has been advocating the new Flutter SDK by Google, around Portugal, by organizing Flutter Talks and workshops.

As a developer, he has worked in android applications for companies such as Altice, Brisa, Federação Portuguesa Futebol, TAP, Bayer among many others and currently is working remotely as an Android Developer and Machine Learning Engineer.