FOSS4G Perth 2021

Welcome to FOSS4G Perth!

FOSS4G Perth is a gathering of the Western Australian open geospatial community. It's a hub event of FOSS4G SotM Oceania, the region's premier open geospatial conference.

Conference day (12 Nov)

A full day of thought-provoking presentations and social time.

Conference registration includes attendance at the conference day, catering, and a relaxed social at the end of the day.

Workshop day (13 Nov)

Hands-on workshops and activities. Come join the fun, mingle with the community, and find out what's happening in open geospatial in WA and beyond.

Workshops are ticketed separately from the conference and priced to cover the cost of catering.

Tickets for the conference and workshops are on sale now and can be purchased below.

For more information, see our website or drop us a line at We look forward to seeing you!

Students and other concession holders are eligible for a 50% discount on conference registration. Valid student ID or concession card required. Please use the discount code CONCESSION.


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  • The main event!
  • This workshop will get you started with QGIS, the full-featured open source GIS desktop software. We'll run through a series of hands-on exercises around working with vector & raster data, styling and labeling, and making maps. If you're new to QGIS, this will be an excellent foundation for the afternoon QField workshop. Lunch will be provided. Ticket price set to cover the cost of catering.
    Inc. GST @10%
  • A day-long workshop aimed at learning some of the main OpenStreetMap tools and techniques, such as the iD and JOSM editors; StreetComplete, OsmAnd, and Vespucci mobile apps; the Overpass API; as well as some good old outdoors ground-truthing. We'll also talk about how to stay in touch with the OSM community. Lunch will be provided.
  • Your donation goes to OSGeo Oceania's Good Mojo Fund, which supports diversity & inclusion initiatives at the Perth event and other hubs across Oceania. Learn more:
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