Forward Summit: Madison Tech Meetups

Forward Summit: Madison Technology Meetups

While the Forward Technology Conference is an anchor event during Forward Festival, we heard from attendees who wanted additional opportunities to learn about technology beyond entrepreneurship. We reached out to Madison area Meetup groups to partner on creating a full tech track on issues from software to hardware. Many thanks to our Meetup partners: Internet of Things - Madison, Ionic Madison, Madhackers, Madison Women in Tech, MASD (Madison Area Software Developers), and MadPy.

Lady Lightning

Featuring 5 minute lightning talks from Madison Women in Tech members on such topics as Digital Equity, Returning to Work After Baby- Tech Addition, and Networking Events are Not Singles Events. The Madison Women in Tech are a force to be reckoned with- they have 1000+ members and host 5-6 events per month around the Madison area.

Ionic - From Madison with Love

Ionic empowers web developers to build cross-platform apps. Headquartered out of Madison, Ionic offers an open source framework used by millions of developers worldwide along with cloud services that enable developers to build, test, and deploy your apps quickly. With Ionic web developers can build performant apps that deploy to app stores, the web, PWAs, and desktop with the same codebase.

Your App Idea Sucks!

Description coming soon.

Hacking, and the value of open source software

To many, contributing to OSS seems like a waste of time, but very little of the software being built today would exist at all if OSS didn't exist. We'll explore the value of encouraging engineers to hack on OSS and how contributions can have huge benefits for any company.

Dynamic Documents for Reproducible Search

It happens all the time: you analyze some data, making plots and fitting models, and arrange the results in a nice report to send off to your collaborators, only to find out that you weren't using the latest version of the data, and you need to redo everything you just did. Enter dynamic documents: a method for mixing code and prose in the same document so that entire research reports can be reproduced from raw data to finished plots with a single command. If you use dynamic documents for your data science reports, you won't waste your time repeating analyses you've already done once, and you'll find it easier to share your work with others and extend past analyses to new problems. In this session, members of the MadPy and MadR Meetups will show you how to use dynamic documents to improve the reproducibility of your data science workflows in Python and R. This session will feature live coding and demos of some of the best tools for dynamic documents in the open science community, specifically Jupyter Notebooks and the RMarkdown toolchain. At the end of the session, you will be ready to dive in with dynamic documents for your own research projects.

Milwaukee Tools and the Internet of Things

How does a tool company take advantage of the Internet of Things to solve customer problems? Learn how Milwaukee Tools has developed One Key, a digital platform to allow for customization, tracking, and management of tools and equipment.


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