ROADBLOCK™ ( Saturday June 15th) w/ foreigner, Shacia Payne, Tomi Tribe + Lady X

We warming up for Junkyard Jouvert with another warehouse block party session that you thought could only be found in the streets of Lagos, Kingston, Port of Spain or Belize City. If you thought the last ROADBLOCK™ was crazy, wait until you see what we pull off this time.


LADY X 🇧🇿 Part artist manager, part filmmaker, part chef, part jouvayist/wukkist, Lady X is that high performing shapeshifter only few of us can be. This Saturday, however, Lady X is gonna be bringing what she's best known for: that heavy-hitting dancehall + soca sound only a true daughter of Belize can deliver.

TOMI TRIBE 🇳🇬 Directly responsible for the unwavering Afrobeat movement that has taken over the city, Tomi Tribe is an artistic force that deserves way more credit than he's been given. Because of his commitment to live remixes and edits of the noteworthy Afrobeat hits, no two Tomi Tribe sets sound alike, and this Saturday you can expect a fresh new take on all that shaku shaku/zanku/gwara gwara-inducing riddim that LA can’t get enough of.

SHACIA PAYNE 🇯🇲 When Shacia touch the dance, you can feel her regal essence before you even find out about her bloodline. As a curator, Shacia has established fresh, new club-bound institutions that not only champion Jamaican music and culture, but also uplift a sisterhood in music that does the diaspora justice. As a DJ, she's the go-to artist if you want a loud, deep and sexy selection of dancehall that takes you from resurrecting your jerry springer to droppin into full genna bounce. Come get your dosage of Shacia this Saturday.

FOREIGNER 🇹🇹 aka d green card guerrilla aka louverture nice child aka your favorite foreigner, I am absolutely in love with this line of work. I love DJing. I love practicing the artform that is finding the best, most fun ways to properly contextualize Afrodiasporic music and dance in LA. On Saturday, I'm delivering my sound packaged in the usual inclusive, accessible, high energy space that we all enjoy. This time around, though, I'm trying a few different things: (1) I'm designing the space to center dancers, and (2) I'm rigging up a half-dozen classic BMW's to set the mood and light up the dancefloor. I hope you can make it out because I can't wait to show you how we comin this summer.


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