Decentralized Web Meetup Victoria

Welcome to the first Decentralized Web Meetup in Victoria, organized by Carson from Textile, and the Fission team that will be coming over for the day from Vancouver.

We'll have some talks and general discussion about open source and the decentralized web, and meet other people in Victoria interested in these topics.

Thanks to Watershed Coworking for providing the venue.


Carson Farmer, Textile

The awesome Textile stack!

Shawn Adrian, Input Logic

An intro to Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and the Preact-based PWA starter kit that Input Logic has built

Shawn Adrian is a designer, front-end developer, and cofounder of Input Logic, a product studio in Nanaimo, BC.

Boris Mann, Fission

Open source licensing, data ethics, and decentralized web.

Boris will also host a conversation with Paul Jarvis @pjrvs about Fathom Analytics -- a user privacy preserving analytics package.

Let us know you're coming