FIL Austin Hacker House

Compliments of the team at Fission and the Filecoin Foundation you've got access to the Capital Factory space for coworking on the 5th floor.

Use it for heads down coding, meeting other builders, or hold a quick lightning talk.

We have 50 day passes per day. Feel free to register for multiple days.

More details, photos, and updated event details on the Fission Forum »

5th Floor @ Capital Factory

5th Floor Coworking Area


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About Fission

Fission is building protocols for the future of the Internet. Front end developers use decentralized auth to add offchain & encrypted files, data, and compute to any app, all built on IPFS and Filecoin.

About the Filecoin Foundation

Filecoin Foundation, is an independent organization that facilitates governance of the Filecoin network, funds critical development projects, supports the growth of the Filecoin ecosystem, and advocates for Filecoin and the decentralized web.