Input Cowork Nanaimo Tech Meetup

Welcome to a special edition Input Cowork Tech Meetup! Join us for a couple of presentations, Q&A, and community discussion about building software, open source, and new decentralized web protocols.

We'll have some short presentations from out of town visitors who are hanging out at Input Cowork for the day.

Free for everyone interested in tech to attend!


Boris Mann: Open Source in 2019

What does open source mean to you? Do you care which open source license gets used? Do you use open source? Do you contribute to open source? A brief discussion on what open source means in 2019.

Brooklyn Zelenka: IPFS 101 and intro to FISSION

An overview of the InterPlanetary File System protocol and the tools that FISSION are building on top of it.

Boris & Brooke are cofounders of FISSION, which is building developer tools powered by the decentralized web.

Carson Farmer: Textile - An Open and Programmable iCloud

From before you even wake up in the morning, your day is being encoded into digital data. What started as simply our IP address, nic, or maybe email address has now grown to include our dating profiles, medical histories, mundane conversations, personality traits not even we are aware of, and much more. While our trails of digital data have become more detailed, the technologies that leverage that data have become more opaque and less in our control.

Decentralization, content addressable data, and technologies like IPFS give us a new framework to think about how data should be stored, controlled, and used in technology. To help get us there, Textile provides encrypted, recoverable, schema-based, and cross-application data storage built on IPFS and libp2p. We like to think of it as a decentralized data wallet with built-in protocols for sharing and recovery, or more simply, an open and programmable iCloud. In this talk, Carson will present how Textile can be used to build technologies that give users long-term control of their personal data while still enabling amazing and useful technology to be built around it.

Mini Pitches

Share your open source project, business, idea, or anything else, to spread the word, get feedback, and get people to share & try your stuff.


  • Come join our first Input Cowork Nanaimo Tech Meetup. All are welcome.
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