Decentralized Web Meetup Berlin

Fission is running a month long series of Decentralized Web Meetups all around Europe.

The goal is to bring together both those already working on decentralized web topics, as well as introduce a broad set of developers to what is possible today, and showcase projects and tech tools for developers to use.

Thank you to our friends at Monadic for hosting us at their office in Kreuzberg!


How IPFS gets us to a Universal Substrate, Brooklyn Zelenka

Brooklyn will be presenting InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) 101, and how Fission uses it to let you build hostless web apps that go live from your laptop.

About Brooklyn Zelenka, Fission

Brooklyn is the CTO and Cofounder of Fission. She is a a programming language enthusiast, builder and promoter of functional programming, and dabbles in VM design. Brooke spent some time as an Ethereum Core Developer, authoring 4 Ethereum standards. She has built open source libraries with 10Ks of downloads, and frequently keynotes international software development conferences.

RSVP as a service: the hackathon story of how to overcome centralized event platforms, Stefan Adolf

In early August 2019 Stefan and his teams started wrapping their heads around the question: "how to get rid of centralized event platforms?" and it took 3 hackathon roundtrips to develop a decentralized concept that could be part of a greater answer. Stefan presents the current state of play of his projects "Ethickets", "ĐOor" and "", tells about their team setups, backgrounds and tech stacks and concludes with the use of a projectional GraphQL API to power a decentralized event web page that runs on a decentralized stack using and IPFS.

About Stefan Adolf, Turbine Kreuzberg


To finally become the Turbine Kreuzberg's tech team "ambassador", Stefan worked many years for several companies (some of them his own, some not) using PHP, Java and Javascript. When not joining a project team, he attends hackathons and conferences, evaluates, teaches and introduces new technology and organizes the "coding (berlin|leipzig|stuttgart)" meetups in Germany. He's most excited about blockchains, APIs and NoSQL database technology and currently enjoys working with static site generators, headless cms and sensor technology. His most beloved frameworks are Spring, Symfony2, Gatsby and React (which is a library), his superforce is making things work, his music choice melts at 1500 degrees and his zodiac sign is capricorn.

Radicle - Decentralized Code Collaboration, Abbey Titcomb

This talk will walk the audience through Radicle, a peer-to-peer network for code collaboration. We'll be chatting about the progress behind the Radicle project as well as our next steps and design approach for decentralized code collaboration.

Abbey Titcomb


Abbey is a full-time contributor to Radicle working on product development and user research.

3box, Joel


Build Better dApps

3Box is a set of tools that allows developers to easily add social and user data functionality to their apps. This presentation will go over how these components fit together and how they can be used in your app.

About oed:

Joel is a cofounder of 3Box. Before getting into decentralizing user data Joel studied complex adaptive systems. He later joined Consensys to work on uPort, where he met his 3box cofounders.

Thank you for your support

Abbey and the Radicle team are hosting at their offices and providing snacks. Thank you!