Decentralized Web Meetup Antwerp Belgium

Fission is running a month long series of Decentralized Web Meetups all around Europe.

In Antwerp, we're meeting on Nov 20th at 18:00 at Via Via Antwerp in their Mezzanine meeting space.

We will have some talks and discussion around decentralized web, open source, and other interesting tech and developer topics, as well as some time to talk about projects we're working on and getting to know each other.


Brooke will present Fission, an easy way to share content (including serving websites), and served directly from your laptop to the regular internet. Along the way, you'll learn a bit about how content addressing (via IPFS), Decentralized IDs, and the future of serverless computing.

Steven will talk about Diffuse, a decentralized music player, and how he built v1 and v2 with different decentralized storage service integrations.

Have a talk you'd like to give? Please get in touch with us