Decentralized Web Meetup Amsterdam

Fission is running a month long series of Decentralized Web Meetups all around Europe.

The goal is to bring together both those already working on decentralized web topics, as well as introduce a broad set of developers to what is possible today, and showcase projects and tech tools for developers to use.

In Amsterdam, we are pleased to have many partners joining us, including the Blockchain NL Foundation, the amazing connector Berit Fuss of mistudio, and our venue sponsors, Blockchain Village @ Startup Village.


IPFS and Fission Live, Brooklyn Zelenka

Brooklyn Zelenka Brooke will present Fission, an easy way to share content (including serving websites), and served directly from your laptop to the regular internet. Along the way, you'll learn a bit about how content addressing (via IPFS), Decentralized IDs, and the future of serverless computing.

Decentralized Mapping, Bèr Kessels

Maps are a crucial element for many apps and startups. But maps are hard to make, expensive and very centralised. Even open source projects like Open Street Map are very much centralised, and therefore easily censored. As a developer working on decentralised applications, you'll want to have access to decentralised maps as well.

In this talk, we'll walk through the current state of the online mapping tools. And dive into the various projects that make mapping, data-collection or -contributing for maps, decentralised.

Bèr Kessels is founder and developer of PlaceBazaar, one of the projects that aims to decentralise mapping. The placebazaar code is mirrored to github on You can find Bèr and all his social links on keybase

The future of work: Crowdsourcing using Blockchain, Chris Dawe

Chris Dawe is the CEO of Effect.AI, an open, democratic & Decentralized Network for Artificial Intelligence.

Community Announcements

We are happy to help promote local community projects and events! We'll leave room at the event for announcements and sharing. Come prepared to get up and speak, or get in touch if you have other material you'd like to distribute.

Odyssey - Anna & Victoria from Odyssey will share about the launch of their 2020 Hackathon, happening in Groningen in April.

Blockstack - Mitchell is new to the Amsterdam area and will do a brief Blockstack intro and look to connect with everyone locally.

After the short presentations and Q&A, we will have have time for networking and getting to know everyone.

Thank you for your support



Friday, 29 November 2019

6:30pm – 9:00pm UTC

We'll have our talks and Q&A, then open discussion and networking. Please bring your community announcements, too!