Sketching For Software

Saturday, November 19th, 9:30 to 17:00. Location and ☕️ sponsored by

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Why should I learn sketching?

Sketching is not about being a good artist. It's about being a good thinker.

Jason Santa Maria

The real goal of sketching is functional. It’s about generating ideas, solving problems, and communicating ideas more effectively with others.

Jared Spool

Expressing solutions in words is difficult. For the other person to understand what you mean is even more difficult. That is why we take screenshots when the interface is broken, instead of describing the bug in words.

Sketching is like taking screenshots of your thoughts:

  • You understand better what you mean
  • Others understand better what you mean
  • Understanding across roles and teams is reached much faster

In consequence, sketching can save a lot of time and avoid frustration.

You might know The Project Cartoon:


Sketching can help a great deal to avoid situations like this. By clearing out misunderstandings before they are crafted into code or hi-fidelity mockups, sketching can help to save money, time and stress.

What exactly will I learn in this workshop?

The goal of this workshop is mostly to ease the fear of pen and paper and install sketching as a new communication default in the brain. That includes:

  • Materials and tools
  • Shapes
  • Typography
  • Icons
  • Coloring and shading
  • Visual hierarchy
  • User flows
  • User Interfaces
  • Sketchnotes
  • Making Sketchboards and posters

...all on a very basic, beginner-friendly level.

I will show lots of real-life examples and explain how sketching has helped to communicate and ship.

What do I need to know, own or prepare to attend?

Nothing. You will be equipped with all necessary tools, materials and knowledge.

Who should attend?

Everybody who is working in Software can attend to improve communication in their teams:

  • Developers
  • Product Owners
  • Project Managers
  • Marketers
  • Supporters
  • Founders
  • Team Leads
  • Managers
  • Copywriters

(Designers are very welcome to join, too, but given their expertise in visual expression they might experience a lower learning curve.)

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