Usapang Pagkain: Mga Isla na may Isda (Fish-centric Recipes)

Join AFIRE Chicago and Filipino Kitchen as we explore how Filipino food can best serve our community! Each #UsapangPagkain event is free, so be sure to bring your family & friends.

ABOUT USAPANG PAGKAIN A collaborative effort by AFIRE Chicago and Filipino Kitchen, Usapang Pagkain explores how Filipino food can best serve our community through free, monthly events. The event series resists the notion of Filipino food as incompatible with healthy living. It is a response to the dearth of culturally-relevant health education and the epidemic of cardiovascular disease and diabetes in our community. Usapang Pagkain will bring generations of Chicagoland Filipinos together to share our stories with one another and collectively learn practices that center our health, community, and food. Each event will highlight a Filipino dish or dishes, including recipes. During the weekday events, a light dinner will be provided. Specifically organized to provide a much-needed community space for dialogue on health and wellness, Usapang Pagkain will examine the importance and potential of Filipino food in nourishing our body and soul.

LOCATION 1st floor community room, HANA Center @ 4300 N. California Ave (corner of Montrose/California, across from Horner Park)

ACCESSIBILITY There is free street parking on California Ave, as well as around the Hana Center on Cullom Ave and Mozart St. Nearby public transportation routes include 78 Montrose bus, 80 Irving Park bus, 49 Western bus, and Francisco brown line stop. The room where the event will take place is located on the ground floor and wheelchair accessible. The restrooms on site, however, have narrow entrances and are gendered.

ABOUT AFIRE CHICAGO The Alliance of Filipinos for Immigrant Rights and Empowerment (AFIRE) is a grassroots community organization that builds the capacity of Filipino/a/xs to organize on issues of social, racial, and economic justice that affect undocumented immigrants, domestic workers, seniors, and youth. AFIRE was borne out of the movement to resist the criminalization of undocumented immigrants in the U.S. and founded in 2006 by Filipino immigrants who held deep roots in the People Power Movement of the Philippines. Over the years, AFIRE has provided a culturally-relevant, linguistically accessible space to engage and organize Filipino immigrants in popular education and to build each person's capacity to advocate for their rights. AFIRE Chicago is online at and on Facebook. Our office is located at the Hana Center, 2nd floor, 4300 N. California Ave.

ABOUT FILIPINO KITCHEN Filipino Kitchen uses Philippine cuisine to connect Filipinos everywhere with our cultural heritage and the possibilities of our shared future. Based in Chicago, we cook and share our delicious cuisine at pop-up dining events and the annual Kultura Festival. On our website, Filipino Kitchen documents with photography, interviews, stories and recipes from the makers and appreciators of Filipino cuisine and it's continuing evolution. We hope to lead a long-coming renaissance of Filipinos by connecting across the diaspora with our shared love and pride of our food. The masterminds and master hearts behind Filipino Kitchen are two Filipino Americans: writer Sarahlynn Pablo and photographer Natalia Roxas. Filipino Kitchen is online at and on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

A program of the Alliance of Filipinos for Immigrant Rights and Empowerment (AFIRE Chicago) and co-sponsored by Filipino Kitchen. Supported in part by a grant from Blue Cross Blue Shield Illinois.


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