Social Care: Maintaining Each Other

Social Care: Maintaining Each Other will focus on social care and what maintainers can learn from more formal care relationships. We will explore various dimensions of social care - such as paid and unpaid assistance for children, adults, and the elderly. We will explore how these relationships are valued and measured (or if they can be measured at all), and if the language and structures we use for this essential activity are useful or obstructive. With so much maintenance activity falling outside of market-based interactions, how can we classify this essential human experience, of caregiving and being cared for?

An online event on Thursday, 6 August 2020, at 11am CDT / 12pm EDT / 5pm BST

This webinar episode is part of a virtual event series on society’s maintainers and their critical role in the health and functioning of our world. The webinar is jointly hosted by the Festival of Maintenance and The Maintainers. You can view a recording of the first episode in the series, entitled The Gig Economy: A Precarious Form of Maintenance.

We are experimenting with how best to fund these events. The Festival of Maintenance is a not-for-profit event run by volunteers. This webinar has a suggested ticket donation, but you are welcome to register without paying if that is appropriate for your circumstances. If you are able to donate any amount to support this event, we are most grateful.


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