This is pride.

Our Founding Customers are the people who have supported us before anyone else. Heroes, visionaries, friends. Thank you.

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You never forget the first ticket you sell.

There’s real human magic in that relationship.

When you run an event, you’re anxious about the final ticket count and worried about your budget—but more than anything, it’s your heart that’s on the line.

I’m a Tito Founding Customer because the wonderful people of Tito understand the heartaches and joys of running an event like no people I’ve met.

I’ve used the product for a year and I’ve found it to be one of the best designed most passionately supported products I’ve ever used, run by people who I know have truly been there.

Tito Founding Customers get some nice benefits that make it a dead-simple business decision.

For me, I want to be their first ticket.

Come be part of something special. Become a Tito Founding Customer.

Adam Brault, Founding Customer