Starship Astraeus - Anime Midwest 2024

Pop-Up Escape Rooms presents TWO adventures on the Starship Astraeus - start your journey with "Secret Aboard Starship Astraeus" and continue the excitement with "Discovery of Starship Astraeus"!

Your ragtag group of space scavengers have just stumbled upon the mother lode - a derelict Galactic Concordant Starship ripe for the taking! Scrapping it for parts alone would net you enough credits to buy a small moon! But the unusual cargo on the Astraeus has made it a target by the ruthless Urbraxian Dominion. And what you thought was a simple scavenging job has become a race for survival! Test your wits and guile in this high tech escape room to achieve one of several possible endings!

The adventures continues in "Discovery of Starship Astraeus"!

Blast your way through an asteroid field! Decipher ancient alien ruins! Battle enemy starships! Study alien creatures! And explore a planet that may yield an incredible discovery… but only if you survive!

After warping through Xenospace, the crew of Starship Astraeus find themselves stranded in a strange and unexplored region of the galaxy. You must work as a crew and use the ship’s systems to make an incredible discovery and find a path back to Earth. But time is not on your side. A solar flare is heating up and the ship won’t hold together for long. In order to survive, do you dare trust a former foe?

Take the Galactic Concordant Assessment Quiz (Sound ON)

Player Q & A

What kind of events are these?

These are interactive adventures! For one hour, you and your team will be the heroes in an exciting story in which you must interact with the room to accomplish a goal. In order to achieve a good ending you will: Take part in a mystery that you must solve, Follow clues and use your detective skills, Test your wits to solve tricky puzzles, Work as a team and play to your strengths, Experience a thrilling and memorable adventure!

So it's an escape room?

Yes! But because our rooms focus on giving players the experience of a playable adventure, we prefer to call it a Live Adventure Interactive Room (LAIR).

I often feel intimidated by escape rooms, or left out of the group.

Our room directors are present in the room and their job is to: Provide subtle guidance so you do not get stuck on anything not worth getting stuck on, and to help all players feel included and that they are contributing to the adventure.

How long does it take to play?

Your adventure will take one hour! This includes your story briefing, play time, and debriefing.

What age group is this for?

Ages 12 and up, unless accompanied by a parent. Children under 4 are free.

Can I pay with a Credit card or cash?

Yes, you can pay with credit card, paypal, etc. online on this registration page. Otherwise you can pay cash at the door.

How can I contact with more questions you?

Please email

Tickets Prices in USD

Additional Information

All Sales are Final. Due to limited capacity we cannot offer refunds for cancellation. Time slot changes can only be accommodated up to 48 before the opening.