CascadiaJS 2018

CascadiaJS 2018 is a conference for web developers, taking place November 15-16 in Seattle, WA. For more detailed information about the conference and related events, please go to

Schedule of Events

Nov 12-13

GraphQL Workshop

Eve Porcello and Alex Banks are software engineers, instructors, and co-authors of O'Reilly's Learning React and Learning GraphQL. They are organizing a 2-day GraphQL workshop in downtown Seattle. We have teamed up with them to offer a combo ticket to both their workshop and CascadiaJS!

Nov 14

Hacker Trains

We have rented out train cars to bring folks from Portland, OR and Vancouver, BC to Seattle! Travel to the conference in style with fellow developers and enjoy forking repos and submitting PRs on the Wi-Fi. PLEASE NOTE that these tickets are only good for one way travel on Nov 14.

Mentor Mixer

We will be organizing a mentor mixer the evening before the conference. STAY TUNED for details!

Nov 15-16

CascadiaJS Conference

The conference itself is a 2-day, one track conference taking place at the Amazon Meeting Center. Tickets to the conference include access to both days of talks, invitations to the Opening and Closing Party and the famous CascadiaJS hoodie.

Nov 17

React Training

Carlos Paelinck and Michael Merrill of Formidable will hold a full-day React training workshop following the conference. The workshop with cover how to work with animations, forms, routing, and more with your React-based web apps. You can purchase tickets to just the workshop or a combo ticket that includes both the conference and the workshop.

Cascadian Coding for Kids

We will be organizing a kid's coding workshop the Saturday after the conference.

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November 15th, 2018

7:15pm – 11:00pm PST
Opening Party - Cinerama
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Additional Information

Location and Lodging

The venue this year is the Amazon Meeting Center. We have set-up hotel blocks for folks coming in from out of town. The blocks expire on OCTOBER 5th, so please don't delay in getting your discounted rooms booked!

Getting to CascadiaJS 2018

We are organizing Hacker Trains up from Portland, OR and down from Vancouver, BC. You can purchase tickets above. Please note these are ONE WAY trips!

Any questions, please contact us at directly. We'll see you in Cascadia!