EPA Climate Change Lecture Series 2022

The role of communications in driving climate action

The EPA, as part of the National Dialogue on Climate Action, will host a hybrid public lecture.

Climate change is an urgent global threat. Fortunately, the world has an ample supply of solutions, including accelerating the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy, electrification of the transportation sector, building smart cities, and land management for carbon sequestration, among many others. However, the world has often lacked sufficient public demand for these solutions, otherwise known as a lack of public, consumer, and political will. Drawing on recent international surveys, including Ireland, this presentation will provide an overview of how changing public beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors can both compel and constrain climate action by governments, companies, and individuals.

Invited Guest Speaker: Dr. Anthony Leiserowitz

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The evening will be chaired by Dr John Bowman

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