Alpine Power Links - ENTSO-E Regional Conference 2018

This year’s regional conference of ENTSO-E is devoted to a central part of Europe which can be called the core of the interconnected electricity system: The Alpine region.

It links important market areas in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France, as well as Italy and Slovenia. The European electricity system has benefitted, for decades, from initiatives that started here, and one can even go as far as saying that regional electricity in Europe has started here altogether. Thus, in 1929, the Rheinlandleitung, also called North-South 220kV line, was completed. It connected over 600 km the Alpine hydro-reserves with the industrial coal areas in Germany. 2018 is also the 60th anniversary of the Star of Laufenburg, another milestone in the history of the European power system, as from 1958 the power grids of Germany, France and Switzerland were interconnected.

The currently ongoing deep transformation of the electricity system requires solutions, which the event looks at: how can the region contribute with solutions in power market integration, operational and planning coordination and innovation? What is the contribution of the region for the electricity system in the interest of European customers? What is the role of Network Codes in taking the regional and European integration from promise to practice? How do TSOs of the region cooperate successfully with NGOs?


By the power of Tito