EmpireNode 2016

The best and brightest minds in JavaScript are gathering for a State of our Union. We'll celebrate our history, heritage, and the future of the Node Party at the National Museum of the American Indian, November 7th.

Universal apps, embedded, realtime, drones, tools, platforms, and everything you can imagine on the cutting edge of Node! You'll hear about it first, with us, and meet the people making the newest ideas reality in code!

Tickets Prices in USD

  • Sold out
  • Ended
  • $225 per ticket, with a minimum purchase of 4.
  • $275
  • This purchase provides both an EmpireNode ticket for you and 1 EmpireNode ticket for someone in the community who couldn’t afford to attend. The recipients will be selected from our pool of applicants and announced shortly thereafter. Thank you for your insanely helpful contribution to encouraging diversity in our community! Scholarship applications will be accepted after our CFP has closed, currently set for following Sept. 5th, 2016.
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