SpaceTech in Europe, what is next? Synergies between EU and angel investors

The cooperation between European institutions and private investors plays a significant role in boosting the growth and the competitiveness of early-stage companies. In particular, the European Union is now more than ever committed to fostering Space-Tech entrepreneurship in Europe through public-private partnerships. During this virtual panel session, seasoned Space-Tech investors and policy makers will discuss how we are creating the New Space ecosystem for Europe.

SPEAKERS: Fiammetta Diani, Head of Market Development at EUSPA; Tomas S. Jonsson, Team Leader CASSINI initiative, European Commission, DG Defence Industry and Space; Uli Fricke, CEO Triangle Venture Capital Group, CEO FunderNation; Rob Desborough, Managing Partner Seraphim Space Fund, CEO Seraphim Space Camp.

MODERATOR: Fabrice Testa, Co-chairman Luxembourg Space Tech Angels and EBAN Space Chairman.

PITCHING COMPANIES: Allerayde, Krattworks, LESS Industries, Lympik, Traxit.


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