Horrible Histories & Harmonies at Mall Arts Youghal

Saturday 20th November, 12pm Mall Arts Centre, Youghal

Henry VIII – his wives and his music, strings made of guts, the grisly fate of Louis XIV’s court composer… Horrible Histories and Harmonies romps through the 16-18th centuries through music and dance, touching on the stickier side of things! An interactive experience for all ages – hear some music from hundreds of years ago, learn a Dublin Castle dance, be the conductor of an eighteenth-century orchestra!

Tickets are free but must be booked in advance. Please email us at info@eastcorkearlymusic.ie if you have any questions. 

Presented by East Cork Early Music Festival with the support of Cork County Council and the Arts Council. 


  • Join us for a special time-travelling experience, you'll get to hear music from hundreds of years ago, be part of a seventeenth-century orchestra and attend a ball at a castle! Tickets are free, but limited, please book the correct number of tickets for the people who will be attending.
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