2nd Pi Jam

We had our very first Pi Jam back in Sat Aug 11 @ Science Gallery. Overall it was a success even though we learnt lots of what can go wrong will go wrong. And it's OK to FAIL as that's the jam is about, to learn from things we don't understand and ask others for help. Vicky wrote a post about the day, you can read all about it here: http://www.codinggrace.com/news/first-dublin-raspberry-pi-jam-2018-8-31/

The focus of the next jam (hosted by TOG Hackerspace) would be more on bringing your own equipment and work through projects, and we want to emphasise that it is not a workshop, it's an event where you feel free to ask questions and for help as well as share your own project and ideas to one another.

This event is open to all levels.

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