vJUG - Jenkins X with James Strachan / Java 8 Streams with Anton Balaniuc

Our first DubJUG in June sees a 'tune-in' to vJUG's online meetup with James Strachan where he will cover Jenkins X, followed by a presentation on Java 8 Streams by local developer and DubJUG Platinum Member Anton Balaniuc.

Check out the full talk abstracts below.



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Doors for this event open at 16:30. If you can't make this early start time tune-in to the vJUG stream here


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Session Abstracts

vJUG Talk - Jenkins X: Continuous Delivery for Kubernetes

The last 5 years has seen a huge change in how we build, package, run and manage software with the rise of Kubernetes, Cloud Native, Microservices and Continuous Delivery. As a result we all need to get better at delivering business value to our customers faster and continuously with a cloud native strategy - but how?

This @virtualJUG talk will introduce you to a new open source project, Jenkins X which is an open source CI / CD platform for Kubernetes based on Jenkins.

Presented by James Strachan, after a couple of slides he will demonstrate how to get stuff done with Jenkins X:

  • easily setup your own Jenkins based CI / CD system on your cloud of choice
  • quickly get started developing new microservices with automated CI / CD
  • import existing projects with automated CI / CD
  • use Pull Requests to trigger CI, Preview Environments, human approval then a full CD release
  • use automated provisioning to testing, staging, ephemeral and production environments via helm charts and GitOps

After this talk you should be able to develop at full speed with CI / CD in a cloud native way in any language on any cloud or kubernetes cluster! Lets all go faster!

Find James on Twitter @jstrachan .



Talk 2 - Introduction into Stream API

Stream API was introduced in Java-8 in 2014. A lot of people are still learning and adopting streams. We will look at what is a Stream, how and when to use it and, more importantly, when not to use it.

In this presentation by Dublin Java User Group Platinum Member Anton Balaniuc, a software developer at Workday, you will find out what is a stream, how and when to use it, and a chance to solve a few stream puzzles.

The talk is designed for developers who are new to the Stream, but it will be useful for experienced developers as well.

Find Anton on Twitter @anton_balaniuc

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