September 2022 - Java Champion Ixchel Ruiz

Joining us in-person on the evening of Wednesday 14th September at TechMeetup.Space in tcube, No.1 O'Connell Street, Dublin, from Switzerland, is Java Champion Ixchel Ruiz.

After a poll of DubJUG's platinum members, the talks that Ixchel will present are; DevOps for Java Developers, and after our midevening break, Framework Agnostic REST API Testing.

Doors open at 18:15 for pizza and drinks courtesy of our wonderful partner network.

It'll be a blast!


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PUBLIC HEALTH: We aim to provide a safe space to meet in-person - please do not attend this event if you are currently or in the last ten days prior to the event, experienced symptoms of cold, flu, Covid-19, winter vomiting. Thank you.

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19:00 DevOps for Java Developers In recent years, how we approach development has dramatically changed with the rise of DevOps, Cloud Computing, and Container technologies. Learn how to take advantage of microservices, serverless, and cloud-native technologies as Ixchel shows you the latest DevOps techniques to create hyper-productive and successful teams.

20:15 Framework Agnostic REST API Testing. Throughout history, humans have been obsessed with analysis, that is, decomposing ideas and concepts into simple or composite parts, to later combine them ordered or connected to form a system in a consolidated manner. The coherent whole that results is considered to be more complete than what would be a mere collection of parts. Software development has shifted away from the monolithic architecture to a “micro” service / function approach.

Applications are collections of loosely coupled and relatively lightweight modular services that have little or no knowledge of the definitions of other separate components. These units are sometimes developed by different teams with a myriad of technologies each one with life cycles of their own. Hence there is a need to test multiple services at the same time while maintaining a usable developer environment.

In this session Ixchel will show you a collection of her favourite libraries and tools such as WireMock, RestAssured, TestContainers and others, that have made her app development experience easier and enjoyable.

About Ixchel Ruiz

Ixchel Ruiz has developed software application & tools since 2000. Her research interests include Java, dynamic languages, client-side technologies and testing. Java Champion, CDF Ambassador, hackergarten enthusiast, Open Source advocate, public speaker and mentor.

Find her on Twitter @ixchelruiz

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