Meet Java Champion Mary Grygleski Live in Dublin or Watch Online

Join us at on January 24th as Java Champion Mary Grygleski flies in from Chicago to show you how to build an efficient streaming data pipeline with Apache Pulsar and Apache Cassandra.


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Our event today starts at 14:00 with a watch party of the jChampions conference. Throughout the afternoon, we'll see Grace Jansen, Sebastian Daschner, Bazlur Rahman, Paul and Gail Anderson, Emily Jiang and Henri Tremblay present their live on-line talks before welcoming Java Champion Mary Grygleski who has flown in to DubJUG from Chicago, USA to present two great talks for us...


18:30 Building An Efficient Streaming Data Pipeline with Apache Pulsar and Apache Cassandra

Event Streaming is one of the most important software technologies in the current computing era as it enables systems to process huge volumes of data in blazingly high speed and in real-time. It is indeed the "glue" that can connect data to flow through disparate systems and pipelines that are typical in cloud environments. Leveraging on the Pub/Sub pattern for the message flow, and designed with the cloud in mind, Apache Pulsar has emerged as a powerful distributed messaging and event streaming platform in the recent years. With its flexible and decoupled messaging style, it can integrate and work well with many other modern-day libraries and frameworks.

In this session, we will build a modern, efficient streaming data pipeline using Apache Pulsar and Apache Cassandra. Apache Pulsar will handle the data ingest. The external data that comes in will be used for further processing by Pulsar Functions that will in turn reference the tables in Cassandra as the data lookup sources. The results of the transformed data will then be egressed and sent to an Astra DB sink. We will also examine to see how we can further optimize the entire processing pipeline.


Interval Drinks and food courtesy of our wonderful partner network


20:00: Event Messaging and Streaming with Apache Pulsar

The world is moving at an unprecedented pace and much of it has been powered by the innovations in software and systems. While event handling, messaging, and processing are not necessarily brand new concepts, the recent emergence in hardware such as virtualizations, multi-core processors, and so on, are in fact pushing the envelope in software design and development, elevating it to higher levels of capabilities never seen before. In the case of streaming which very often leverages on the underlying messaging mechanism(s) to bring distributed messaging to higher forms of purposes, such as IoT/IIoT applications, AI/ML data pipelines, or even eCommerce recommendations, event streaming platform has indeed become the “glue” in enabling data to flow through disparate systems in the pipeline and in a very dynamic fashion.

This talk on event streaming is meant for anyone interested in learning about it, and understanding how it fits into the modern software development design and architecture, as well as seeing some of the challenges it faces especially in the Cloud Native environment. We’ll then take a look at an open source platform - Apache Pulsar, which is poised to become the de facto new generation of distributed messaging and streaming platform that will bring joy to developers, and enable systems and applications to be highly responsive with its true real-time capabilities.

Mary's talk is live-streamed as part of the jChampions conference running for four days, Thursday 19th, Friday 20th, Monday 23rd, and Tuesday 24th January. Other presentations are by Andrew Greenstein, Antoine Sabot-Durand, Anton Rodriguez, Barry Burd, Bazlur Rahman, Brian Benz, Cesar Hernandez, Emily Jiang, Gail Anderson, Grace Jansen, Haim Yadid, Heinz Kabutz, Henri Tremblay, Holly Cummins, Ixchel Ruiz, Kirk Pepperdine, Maria Arias de Reyna Dominguez, Mario Fusco, Mohamed Taman, Ondro Mihalyi, Otavio Santana, Paul Anderson, Peter Lawrey, Rafael Del Nero, Rustam Mehmandarov (who's presenting in Dublin on 24th), Sandra Parsick, Sebastian Daschner, and Victor Orozco.

At, doors open each day at 13:30 for the jChampions Conference Watch Party. Doors to the live in-person talks open at 18:15.

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There's Something About Mary!

Mary is a Java Champion and a passionate Streaming Developer Advocate at DataStax, a leading data management company that champions Open Source software and specializes in Big Data, DB-as-a-service, Streaming, and Cloud-Native systems.

She spent 3.5 years previously as a very effective advocate at IBM, focusing on Java, Jakarta EE, OpenJ9, Open Source, Cloud, and Distributed Systems. She transitioned from Unix/C to Java around 2000 and has never looked back since then. She is an active tech community builder outside of her day job, and currently the President of the Chicago Java Users Group (CJUG).

Find Mary on Twitter: @mgrygles

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