Irish Software Developers' Network - Lucene / Solr

The Irish Software Developers' Network is privileged to have LucidWorks for a special evening of Lucene and Solr presentations.

Apache Lucene is a high-performance, full-featured text search engine library written entirely in Java. It is a technology suitable for nearly any application that requires full-text search, especially cross-platform.

Will Hayes is the Chief Product Officer for LucidWorks. He has 15 years of product, marketing and business development experience, and prior to joining LucidWorks was one of the first employees hired at Splunk where he was responsible for defining the company's market category and key product feature sets. During his 8 year tenure at Splunk, he created and led the company's global partner program, building the ecosystem to more than 50 consultants, developers, resellers, system integrators, service providers and technology partners.

Session One - Crowd Sourcing Reflective Intelligence.

'Search' has quickly evolved from being an extension of the data warehouse to being run as a real time decision processing system. Search is increasingly being used to gather intelligence on multi-structured data leveraging distributed platforms such as Hadoop in the background.

In Session One, Hayes will provide details on how search engines can be abused to use not text, but mathematically derived tokens to build models that implement reflected intelligence. In such a system, intelligent or trend-setting behavior of some users is reflected back at other users.

More importantly, the mathematics of evaluating these models can be hidden in a conventional search engine like Solr, making the system easy to build and deploy.

Hayes will describe how to integrate Apache Solr / Lucene with Hadoop. Then he will show how crowd-sourced search behavior can be looped back into analysis and how constantly self-correcting models can be created and deployed. Finally, he will show how these models can respond with intelligent behavior in real time.

Session Two - Solr Indexing and Analysis Tricks

Presented by Erik Hatcher, Senior Solutions Architect, LucidWorks, this session will introduce and demonstrate several techniques for enhancing the search experience by augmenting documents during indexing. First we'll survey the analysis components available in Solr, and then we'll delve into using Solr's update processing pipeline to modify documents on the way in. The session will build on Erik's Poor Man's Entity Extraction blog.

Erik @ErikHatcher, co-author of Lucene in Action as well as co-author of Java Development with Ant, has been an active member of the Lucene community, a leading Lucene/Solr committer, member of the Lucene/Solr Project Management Committee, and a member of the Apache Software Foundation. He is also a frequent invited speaker at various industry events.

Doors open 6:30pm with automatic entry only for people who have registered for either the training workshop or conference at the Lucene / Solr Revolution EU 2013 in the Aviva Stadium taking place between 4th and 7th November.

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