Dublin Java User Group November Meetup - A Paddy Power 3-Way!

The Dublin Java User Group welcomes Paddy Power's Application Platforms teamsters John Turner, Noel King and Augusto “Gus” Evangelisti as our guest speakers in November meetup.

Session 1 - Killing off the Dinosaurs

In this double act, John, has been developing software in the financial and betting industry since 1999, and Noel, has led and developed software solutions across financial, travel and gaming industries over the last 8 years start by setting the Jurassic scene.

The evolution of software development practices and principals has been accelerated by the “Adapt and Overcome” mantra of a vibrant start-up community. They have rejected rigid heavyweight project management frameworks for lightweight agile alternatives. They have broken down the walls between product management and development, development and operations. And with widespread adoption of Cloud services like RackSpace and AWS the infrastructure landscape is also changing.

Despite the obvious benefits resulting from this rapid evolution, there exist a few backwaters that have been left behind. There, dinosaurs still roam the plains in blissful ignorance of what is happening beyond them there hills. Focusing on IaaS and PaaS adoption, John and Noel will discuss some of the dinosaurs they have encountered on their journey and how they are killing them off.

John has a huge interest in the changing ways in which software projects are being delivered, leading him to discover, learn and apply the practices and principles fundamental to Agile software development particularly those of Scrum and Lean. Noel too is focussed on driving excellence through team orientated development utilising the best industry standards including software quality assurance, development automation, continuous delivery and leveraging cloud to get your product to market quicker.

Between them, their presentation will even get Spielberg will be hopping out of his seat

Session 2 - Get in shape! Yes, I am talking to you, agile engineer.

Following a short break, Gus, who is passionate about software quality, agile and lean practices, and helping agile teams exceed customer expectations while having fun, invites you to discover how to get in the right shape to become the perfect agile engineer.

He says if you really want to be a valuable agile engineer then you need to forget about traditional software development phases and responsibilities. Real agile engineers are able to support the team in all its activities.

On the House

Beer and pizza courtesy of Paddy Power Jobs, Coffee by DESlock+ and Buzzing Great WiFi by Magnet on the house!

Seats are now available, and like our last event with Tim Berglund, seats are likely to go like the proverbial hotcakes! So avoid disappointment and PROCEED NOW.

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Additional Information

Doors will open 6:30pm with automatic entry only for people who have pre-registered.

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