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Reactive Architecture - The Next Step Beyond Microservices

It's our great privilege to announce that Tom Peck, Scala and Microservices expert at Lightbend, is taking to the TechMeetupSpace stage on 24th November.

Lightbend provides the leading Reactive application development platform for building distributed applications and modernizing aging infrastructures. Using microservices and fast data on a message-driven runtime, your applications scale effortlessly on multi-core and cloud computing architectures.

Reactive Architecture - The Next Step Beyond Microservices

So, you've broken up your monolith, you've deployed it to prod and then the reality of distributed architecture sets in. Microservices solve many problems, but they introduce a few too. To give your customers the experience they need, you need to take your services to the next level and handle the realities of distributed computing. This is where reactive architecture comes in.

This talk aims to give you an overview of how you can evolve your services to make them resilient, responsive, elastic and message driven. We'll explore the patterns and practises to help you on your journey and touch on some specific technologies.

About Tom Peck

Tom is a software engineer, tech lead, architect, geek and teacher. He currently works at lightbend and is a long-term scala enthusiast. Previously he has worked at EA and McLaren .

He lives just outside of London in the UK with his wife and two kids and when not building software he enjoys building stuff out of wood instead.

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