Dublin Java User Group Meetup October 2013

The Dublin Java User Group is privileged to have Tim Berglund as our guest speaker in October, with beers and pizzas provided by Paddy Power Jobs

Tim has presented at scores of Java conferences worldwide, including here in Ireland, and is now a training evangelist in GitHub. His appearance on Tuesday October 15th follows a full day Git & Github Foundation Workshop on 14th October.

Tim is a full-stack generalist and passionate teacher who loves working with people as much as he loves to code. He believes the best developer is one who is well-informed of specifics and can also make deep connections between software development and the broader world. He has recently been exploring non-relational data stores, why professionalized product management is a global suboptimization, and of course everything related to Git. He does not really believe that it is possible to teach, but rather believes that it is his responsibility to create an environment in which people can learn.

First, Let's Kill All the Product Owners

By now, we are all familiar with the new orthodoxy: the product owner discerns the needs of the customer and feeds them to developers in the form a prioritized backlog. Developers pull work from that backlog, always confident that they're working on the highest-priority feature at the moment, and never having to worry about how those priorities are allocated. This system is simple, efficient, and has helped many teams function better than they used to.

Shakespeare wrote, "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers." It might be time to apply this aphorism to product management.

A few revolutionary companies are experimenting with the idea that developers should be in charge not only of when they build new features, but what features to build. Rather than mere code technicians following the will of a product and marketplace expert, developers themselves become experts in their product domain, building the tools users need—by conceiving of those tools themselves. Dispensing with the product owner creates an entirely new organizational tenor: one in which everyone is encouraged to master the business's domain, to organize their work in autonomous ways, and to take ownership of the purpose for which the organization exists.

For Tim's first presentation of the night, you'd better come ready to hear ground-breaking ideas and engage in group discussion about how these ideas might be put into practice in your workplace.

Introduction to Gradle

Gradle is a compelling new build tool that incorporates the lessons learned from a decade of Ant and Maven. More than just a compromise between declarative and imperative build formats, or between convention and configuration, Gradle is a sophisticated software development platform that simple builds easy and complex, highly automated continuous software delivery pipelines possible to build. Using its extensible APIs and expressive DSL, you're equipped to build your next build. In his second presentation, Tim will give you a fast-paced introduction to this exciting new tool.

Tim is author of the Gradle Liquibase Plugin, and co-author of 2011 Building and Testing with Gradle with Matthew McCullough, and Gradle Beyond the Basics a book released only a few weeks ago. Tim is also author of the Gradle Liquibase Plugin.

On the House

Beer and pizza courtesy of Paddy Power Jobs, Coffee by DESlock+ and Buzzing Great WiFi by Magnet on the house!

Seats are now available, and since Tim makes very few appearances in Ireland they're likely to go like the proverbial hotcakes! So avoid disappointment and PROCEED NOW.

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Doors will open 6:30pm with automatic entry only for people who have pre-registered.

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and monthly co-working space (loosely aimed at people in, and people supporting the technology sector) granting 24 x 7 access in a private shared office in our penthouse.