Dublin Java User Group Meetup August 2013

In this, the first meetup of the newly formed Dublin Java User Group, Ian Kelly, a highly experienced and passionate Enterprise Consultant presents "Anatomy of an Enterprise Integration Project", followed by Waratek CTO John Matthew Holt who will present "Java Virtualization and Java Virtual Containers".

In his presentation, Ian will talk about the technologies and challenges that occur in large scale, multi-platform integration projects. From early discovery phases through to production go-live, Ian discusses in detail the popular technology options available (SOA, ESB, JMS / AMQP, CSV / FTP) and draws on his experiences on their benefits and limitations.

Over his 10 years working on a diverse and wide ranging suite of technologies and platforms to help achieve scalable and redundant systems, Ian has managed a number of large scale, multi-tenancy SAP and Oracle integration projects throughout USA, Latin America and Europe for corporations including Home Depot, Volvo and Best Buy. Throughout his presentation, he will talk about his experiences around the complexities, methodologies and politics of being involved in large scale, multi-company projects.

Following a short break, John Matthew holt (CTO of Waratek) will walk through how Waratek has introduced virtualisation at the ground level, into the JVM itself and will show how this technology can save any Java developer operating in todays environments huge amounts of time and effort.

Are you facing issues with scaling your Java environment and introducing multi-tenancy into your environment? Most solutions to these issues require architectural choices from the start or require extensive updates to your existing code base. What's worse is all of the app server and platform solutions available today behave like an ancient OS, one fault and it all comes crashing down. What if you could get these solutions built in to your JVM, requiring no code changes what so ever? Furthermore what if the solution provided the isolation desperately missing from the JEE environment and other platforms? This would free you to concentrate on the code that matters, the business logic.

Beers, softs and pizza courtesy of Waratek - thanks guys :)



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Doors open 6:30pm with automatic entry only for people who have pre-registered.

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