Dublin Java User Group May 2016


Next generation automated acceptance testing with Serenity BDD and the Screenplay Pattern


BDD anti-patterns – stories from the trenches about how not to do BDD

(Doors 18:15 and Presentation at 19:00)

We're delighted to be joined by Australian John Ferguson Smart (@wakaleo), consultant, coach, and trainer in technical agile practices, who is making a return to Dublin Java User Group on the evening of Tuesday 24th May.

About John

John is a prominent international figure in the domain of behaviour driven development, automated testing, developer best practices, continuous integration and delivery, and software life cycle development optimisation in general.

He is the founder of the open source Thucydides Automated Acceptance Test Library project, and has authored great O'Reilly and Manning manuals such as BDD in Action, Java Power Tools, and Jenkins: The Definitive Guide

John currently resides in London and through his consultancy company Wakaleo Consulting helps UK and Irish organisations optimize their software development processes by utilising agile development practices such as Behavioral-Driven Development, Continuous Integration, Test-Driven Development, Acceptance-Test Driven Development, Build Automation, Code Quality Practices and Automated Web Testing.

Session 1 – Next generation automated acceptance testing with Serenity BDD and the Screenplay Pattern

Serenity BDD helps you write better, more effective automated acceptance tests, and use these acceptance tests to produce world-class test reports and living documentation. The Screenplay Pattern is an innovative new approach to writing automated acceptance tests that are easier to understand, easier to extend and easier to maintain.

In this hands-on session, John will show how to use Serenity BDD and the Screenplay Pattern, in conjunction with Cucumber-JVM, to write clean, clear and maintainable BDD-style automated acceptance criteria.

Interlude - Irish Craft Beers courtesy of TechMeetup.space Sponsors

Session 2 – BDD anti-patterns – stories from the trenches about how not to do BDD

Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) is a powerful collaboration technique that can empower teams to deliver higher value features to the business faster and more effectively. But although BDD is based on a number of simple principles, it can go dramatically wrong in myriad different ways.

In this session, John will discuss a number of BDD anti-patterns we frequently encounter in real-world BDD projects – anti-patterns that can dramatically reduce the effectiveness of BDD as a practice, and that can even cause BDD adoption to fail entirely. Looking at everything from insufficient collaboration practices to poor use of test automation tooling; from teams that test too much to teams that forget the most important scenarios, we will look at the many different ways that BDD can go wrong, and how it should be done.

We will use real-world examples to illustrate each of these anti-patterns. You will learn how to spot these issues in your own projects, and more importantly how to avoid them in the first place.


These two sessions will enhance the Java QA / developer with understanding of two of the best principles of 21st century software development!

Who's John?

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