Dublin Java User Group June 2016

Reactive Apps with Akka and AngularJS


Discovering how to Decompose a System into Actors

(Doors 18:15 and Presentation at 19:00)

So we asked you, and you told us. Akka is the flavour of the month and and we're thrilled to be joined by two awesome speakers ready to take to the stage at our meetup on June 30th at TechMeetup.Space.


Session 1 – Reactive Apps with Akka and AngularJS

Heiko Seeberger (@hseeberger)

Akka and AngularJS are a great combination for Reactive Apps. Akka takes care of vertical and horizontal scaling as well as resilience, and with AngularJS it's easy to implement a rich and highly responsive UI talking to an Akka backend via messages.

In this session Heiko will build an exemplary Reactive App step by step: starting from the stanalone UI he will first introduce Akka HTTP and Server-Sent Events running on a single node and then move on to an elastic and resilient service built with features like Akka Distributed Data (CRDTs), Akka Cluster Sharding and Akka Persistence..

Heiko Seeberger is a Fellow at Lightbend's German partner, codecentric. With more than 20 years of experience in consulting and software development Heiko is an internationally renowned expert on Scala and Akka. He blogs under (heikoseeberger.de).

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Session 2 – Discovering how to Decompose a System into Actors

Iain Hull (@IainHull)

On the recommendation of Lightbend's Gary Browne, our second session will be presented by Principle Software Engineer Iain Hull who, incidentally, was introduced and trained in Scala and Akka by Heiko some five years ago.

Presently, Iain is a software engineer at Workday, using Scala and Akka to deliver their next generation elastic grid. His twin passions are large scale distributed computing and applying clean code to complex problems. He is interested in good library and api design and how this can improve system design, reliability and reduce friction during development.

By attending Iain's presentation you can discover the lessons he learned migrating a multithreaded java server application to Akka.

Adopting actors was a journey and, in his own words, some of Iain's early assumptions would create issues later on. He realised he had not fully embraced the let-it-crash philosophy, and didn’t understand how the atomic nature of actors effects data sovereignty or how parts of his application would have to be eventually consistent.

In this talk Iain will share his mistakes, how he arrived at those mistakes and how he eventually resolved them.

Who's Iain?


These are two sessions that will enhance your knowledge of Akka from two of the most highly respected engineers known to man.

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