Dublin Java User Group - February 2017


From Scripts to Serenity - Refactoring test script spaghetti to patterns

Jan Molak / Smartcode

This month, we're welcoming back London-based Jan Molak @JanMolak who will show you around the latest release of Serenity/JS, a new and innovative acceptance testing library.

In fact, attendees will be the first in the world to hear this new presentation, a walk through of the latest release, followed by a live coding demonstration.

He will show you the steps that can be taken to refactor traditional Protractor E2E tests to patterns to make them easier to understand, extend and cheaper to maintain.

You'll learn why the Screenplay Pattern is a "logical progression from the Page Objects" and how one line code change can improve the reporting on your existing projects.

Even though Serenity/JS builds on Protractor, it can be used to test non-Angular apps too! So if you're using React, Ember or any other framework - come along and see what's new in the world of automation!


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