March 2023 - Blockchain & AI Talks

This month the Dublin Java User Group welcomes two local Dublin speakers, Shritesh Jamulkar (Blockchain Corda) and Ahmad Albarqawi (Intelligent Java AI) LIVE in-person at


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SESSION ABSTRACTS - Starting 18:45

Building insurance application on Corda Blockchain using Java

Speaker: Shritesh Jamulkar

Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the insurance industry by improving transparency, reducing fraud, and increasing efficiency. Corda, a blockchain platform designed for enterprise use, is an ideal platform for building decentralized insurance applications.

Shritesh will provide a comprehensive guide to building an insurance application on the Corda blockchain platform using the Java programming language. He will start with an introduction to Corda and its unique features for developing decentralized applications. He will then delve into the insurance industry and discuss the challenges that blockchain technology can address, such as claims processing, fraud detection, and compliance. Then he will provide a step-by-step guide to building an insurance application on Corda using Java, including the development of smart contracts and the integration of external systems, also covering the use of data privacy techniques such as secure multiparty computation and zero-knowledge proofs for sensitive data.

Additionally, Shritesh will discuss the use of oracle services for feeding data into the blockchain, and how these can be used to improve the accuracy and reliability of insurance payouts, and how Corda supports the creation of consortiums, allowing different stakeholders in the insurance industry to work together and share data securely.

Finally, Shritesh will showcase a real-world case study of an insurance application built on Corda using Java and the benefits it has brought to the industry.

This talk is ideal for Java developers, insurance professionals, and business leaders who are interested in learning how to leverage blockchain technology for insurance applications on the Corda platform.

About Shritesh Jamulkar

I am a software engineer at Samsung R&D Institute Bangalore working in the networks department. Currently, I am pursuing a Master's in Computer Science in Future Networks Systems. I am passionate about blockchain technology and the crypto ecosystem.

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Intelligent Java - Open-source AI library

Speaker: Ahmad Albarqawi

Looking for an open-source AI library for Java developers? Check out Intelligent Java - the ultimate tool for integrating with the latest language models and deep learning frameworks. With a simple and intuitive API\, Intelligent Java provides convenient methods for sending unified input to any model like GPT-3\, Cohere\, and DALL·E\, and receiving generated text\, audio\, or images in return.

Ahmad will discuss the AI models and demonstrate how to integrate the library into your projects.

About Ahmad Albarqawi

With 12 years of experience in software development, Ahmad is a solution designer and developer who has designed the next generation of enterprise and digital healthcare solutions. He recently worked on an AI model to accelerate solutions for energy developers, which won first place in the OpenAI Hackathon for Climate Change. Ahmad is pursuing a Data Science master's degree at Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

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