Dublin Java User Group - July 2017

July 2017 saw London based Java Rockstar and Java Champion, Ben Evans come to Ireland to share his knowledge in Java 9. Titled 'State of Play for Java 9' 40 local developers, and gave away licences for jClarity's Illuminate.

Ben Evans is an author, speaker, consultant and educator. Ben is a Java Champion, JavaOne Rockstar Speaker award and a Java Editor at InfoQ. He represents the user community as a voting member on the Java Community Process Executive Committee.

More About Ben Ben is the author of 'The Well-Grounded Java Developer', 'Java: The Legend', the new edition of 'Java in a Nutshell' and the forthcoming 'Optimizing Java'. He is a regular speaker and educator on topics such as the Java platform, systems architecture, security, performance and concurrency at companies and conferences all over the world.

His career highlights to date include Chief Architect for Listed Derivatives at DB, performance testing the Google IPO, building award-winning websites for some of Hollywood’s biggest hits of the 90s, building multi-billion dollar low-latency trading systems and designing technology to help some of the UK’s most vulnerable people.

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An Update on the State of Play for Java 9

The upcoming version of Java (Java 9) is in the tech press headlines at the moment, as the flagship feature has caused unprecedented controversy within the Java Community Process (the body that approves new Java standards). In this talk, Ben Evans (JCP Executive Committee member & Java Champion) will explain what the fuss is all about, how Java 9 compares to previous versions and explore some of the long-term roadmap for Java as well as how previous versions have evolved to lead us to this point, and discuss what it all means for the working Java programmer and the future of the ecosystem.

Raffle - two licences for jClarity's Illuminate

On the night, Ben raffled off a couple of free annual licenses of Illuminate (worth $1428 per annum each) to people at our meetup! Illuminate is jClarity's Machine Learning driven Java / JVM application performance analyser (phew wordage!) that organisations like Kayak, Goldman Sachs and Intel are using to save themselves a massive amount of time and money when it comes to solving performance issues.

The lucky winners also received backing from jClarity's engineering team as their performance tuning mentors :-).

Click here to learn about and get your trial copy of Illuminate

The Dublin Java User Group - Sponsor Messages

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Whilst here in Dublin, Ben is presenting his newly launched Optimising Java course on 6th and 7th July in Dublin, and you and your colleague can attend this two-day course for a heavily subsidised price of just €500 each.

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(Extra dates scheduled in Belfast, Cork and Galway)


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Java developers who came to this meetup also attended Dublin Java User Group's July meetup with Oracles's Server Side Software Evangelist David Delabassee - DETAILS HERE



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About the Dublin Java User Group

The Dublin Java User Group, aka DubJUG, is Ireland's oldest JUG serving Java developers in Ireland. We are also the only independent JUG in the Dublin area.

Throughout 2016, we enriched the professional lives of our community members with first-class presentations by international speakers from Australia, England, Germany, Holland, Israel, and the United States.

We've learnt about Scala / Akka / Software Design / Reactive Architecture / Microservices / Robustness of Software / BDD / TDD / IoT Building Blocks from speakers such as John Ferguson Smart, Jan Molak, / Mirko Ebert (OTTO) / Tim Berglund (Datastax) / Heiko Seeberger (CodeCentric) / Iain Hull (Workday) Tom Peck (Lightbend) / and lots of local speakers such as Brian Matthews. Did you get on camera??? PHOTO's

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