DubJUG with Red Hat's Sergey Beryozkin

This month, we welcome long-time open source committer Sergey Beryozkin to the Dublin Java User Group. Currently working at Red Hat, Sergey has a deep interest in OpenId Connect and JSON Web Token (JWT) security.


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Introduction to Quarkus Security

In this session, Sergey will introduce key Quarkus pillars and explain how Quarkus Security Architecture helps users address real world security requirements.

He will demonstrate how user authentication with multiple OpenId Connect or OAuth social providers can be set up fast, and hope to convince the audience that everyone can do it as fast without being an OpenId Connect or Quarkus Security expert.

He'll finish with a short and fun security quiz.

Drinks and food courtesy of our wonderful partner network

Quarkus Fitness Advisor - secure custom ChatGPT action

OpenAI ChatGPT introduced a support for custom actions which can help ChatGPT formulate a response.

In this session, Sergey will introduce his trusted Quarkus Fitness Adviser, a custom GPT which analyzes user activities in Strava and provides fitness advice. He will show how ChatGPT authenticates users to Strava and uses an acquired access token to call remote Quarkus Strava service in order to answer questions related to fitness correctly.

Sergey will also explain how Quarkus OpenId Connect (OIDC) Proxy helps ChatGPT complete OIDC authorization code flow securely without exposing any sensitive configuration such as client secret and refresh tokens to ChatGPT.

Sergey Beryozkin Bio

Sergey Beryozkin is a Principal Engineer at Red Hat working on Quarkus Security. His main expertise is in OpenId Connect and JSON Web Token (JWT) security.

Sergey is a long time Open Source developer and was an Apache Software Foundation (ASF) CXF project lead for Java API for RESTful Web Services (JAX-RS) for many years, before re-joining Red Hat. He likes telling everyone he used to work for Iona Technologies but had never had a chance to work with Corba.

Sergey has lived in Ireland for a quarter of a century, is a Dun Laoghaire Chess Club team player, keen cyclist and walker.

GitHub / X: @sberyozkin

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