Live JChampions with Guest Speaker - Rafael Del Nero

On the evening of Tuesday January 30th we welcome Dublin based Java Champion Rafael Del Nero to the Dublin Java User Group at in the city centre.


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January 25th to 30th sees the return of the annual online jChampions Conf (and what a line-up they have instore!). We're thrilled to welcome Dublin based Java Champion Rafael Del Nero to the Dublin Java user Group where he will present his online session in front of our live audience of Java Developers.


18:45 New For 2024 - Java Open

We want to give our local community an opportunity to enhance their public skills - bring a laptop, share some stuff, suggest a talk, ask a question.

20:00 Master the Fundamentals of Java 21 by Cracking Code Challenges

To create maintainable and bug-proof code, it's necessary to master Java fundamentals. Join us on this incredible journey, visiting new features of the JDK 21 system as well as the best previous Java version features. During this journey, you will improve your craft as a software engineer. These short challenges will make you sharper to read and understand code. Solve the puzzles to learn the full power of the Java language. Apply the techniques and develop concise code where bugs will have difficulty hiding. Come to this session to boldly go where no Duke has gone before!

Drinks and food courtesy of our wonderful partner network

About Rafael. Rafael del Nero is a Java Champion, creator of the Java Challengers initiative, and author of "Java Challengers", "Java Interview Challenger" and "Golden Lessons." He is a Java mentor who helps developers develop their technical Java skills to another level so they earn more and have more time with their families.

In his free time you can find him strumming his electric guitar, or pumping weights in the gym.

X (formerly known as Twitter):@rafaeldelnero

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