DubJUG - Java Champion Gerrit Grunwald

Java Champion and Azul developer, Gerrit Grunwald (aka Hansolo) joined us on the evening of Tuesday October 31st at TechMeetup.space in Dublin city centre.

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Welcome to the Jungle - A safari through the JVM landscape

OpenJDK with it’s Java Virtual Machine is great but there is not only one flavour but many. There is Oracle OpenJDK, Eclipse Temurin, IBM Semeru, Amazon Corretto, Azul Zulu, Alibaba Dragonwell, Huawei Bi Sheng, Tencent Kona and many more.

Did you ever ask yourself which one is better, faster, free or something similar?

Or do you want to know where the differences are in those distributions? Well then this session might bring some answers to your questions. It will give you an idea about what the JVM is and will cover all the available distributions not only of OpenJDK but also of GraalVM and will try to explain the differences and features of the available distributions. It will also try to give you an idea what JVM to use for specific use cases.

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Wargames - Vulnerabilities in Java and why you should care

Java is great and we all spend time on making it more performant, more scalable and maintainable. But should we also be spending some time on making it more secure?

With all that new Java releases and features also come new vulnerabilities and exploits. Because Java is everywhere, it has a huge attack surface which makes it interesting for hackers to search for vulnerabilities in Java and foremost in Java based applications.

Whilst Gerrit professes he's not a Java security specialist, if you, like him, wonder what all these mystique acronyms like NVD, CVE, CVSS, CPU, PSU etc. mean and how they are related to Java security, this session will explain it to you.

Available tools are also shown for you to check whether your Java application is vulnerable to known issues (Oct 2023).

About Gerrit.

Gerrit Grunwald is a software engineer that loves coding for around 40 years already. He is a true believer in open source and has participated in popular projects like JFXtras.org as well as his own projects (TilesFX, Medusa, Enzo, SteelSeries Swing, SteelSeries Canvas, JDKMon).

Gerrit blogs regularly at http://harmonic-code.org, he is an active member of the Java community, where he founded and leads the Java User Group Münster (Germany), he is a JavaOne rockstar and a Java Champion. He is a speaker at conferences and user groups internationally and writes for several magazines.


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