NEW CROWD WORK SHOW - Join Dragos in a Live Interactive SHOW!

In the first part of show we will explore HOT TOPICS from the news and do REAL TIME JOKES - based on audience suggestions

Second part of the show we explore juicy gossip!!

- did you hear some good relationship gossip - did someone do you wrong - bring it on drop the note in a bag and we can joke about!!




Additional Information

Dragos is now back working on a brand new show. During the lockdown Dragos has spent his time writing for Comedy Central and building up international audience on TikTok of over 630 000 followers around the world.

With new perspective on the world - the new show promises to DARK, Inquisitive and Hilarious.

Join us to see the new hour coming together!


  • Q: Who is Dragos?
  • A: A citizen of the world that appeals to an international minded crowd, Dragos is a Romanian standup comedian who started his comedy journey in the wonderful country of Singapore, one of the most vibrant standup scenes in Asia!
  • Based out of Berlin - Dragos is one the first Comedians in Europe to write and perform material exclusively for Europe in English
  • Q: What kind of comedy is it?
  • A: The comedy has been described as Cute but Dark and focused on culture, emotional trouble, and emotional limitations.
  • Q: What language is this show in?
  • A: The show is fully in English
  • Q: Is someone going on me if I sit in front?
  • A: No, the show is very friendly
  • Q: Is it vulgar comedy?
  • A: Dragos’s comedy is more cultural in nature and focuses on differences between European cultures, it is not vulgar.
  • Q: Where has Dragos performed?
  • A: Over 30 countries around the world and more than 70 cities in Europe.
  • Q: What can I expect to learn at this show?
  • A: The new show is a dive into cultural differences, East European Legacy and Struggle as well as just plain funny dark jokes and fun audience interactions.
  • Q: Can I check out some his comedy first?
  • A: Yes search @dragoscomedy on all platform and you will be able to find daily clip