First Fridays for Startups - Workshop - 3rd March 2017

The Extra Inch

13.45 to 14.45 in the Events Room (The Vaults)

About this Workshop

The jobs of tomorrow don't exist yet and being creating a business from nothing seems like a smart thing to do, everything you need is in the extra inch and everybody has it in them, but what exactly is in that inch?

The talk will be focused on how to grow a successful technology company and and how to engage with major brands at an early stage to build trust.

You'll Learn:

  • How to spot what nobody else can see.
  • Trust - what is it and why do you need it.
  • What's the easiest way to start a business.
  • Where do you get an idea from.

Meet Your Speaker

alt Nicola Byrne

Nicola Byrne, CEO of Cloud90

Founder of multiple business startups including 11890 and Cloud90, which provides ‘riskeye’ social media monitoring and intervention to some of the biggest consumer facing Irish brands. Incoming President of the Irish Exporters Association, Board Member of Fingal LEO, Board member of the new Children's Hospital, experienced speaker with media coverage on TV, radio, press and web. She has grown her team to over 140 staff in multiple verticals and is one of Ireland’s leading female entrepreneurs.


  • 13.45 to 14.45 in the Events Room
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