Building a Two-Sided Marketplace

CurrencyFair Under the Hood

Location: The Vaults (Events Room)

Things you'll learn

  • The CurrencyFair story
  • The advantages of the Marketplace Model
  • How CurrencyFair reached €5 billion in trades
  • Buyers, Sellers, and the role of External Liquidity

Meet Your Speaker

alt Brett Meyers

Brett Meyers, Co-Founder and Director of CurrencyFair

Brett is the founder of CurrencyFair, one of Ireland's most successful fintech startups with over €20M in funding. He has a background in programming and finance, and grew a four man startup to a 90+ employee company. He is an Aussie expat living in Ireland, likes solving problems, and finding better ways to do things.

About CurrencyFair

CurrencyFair is a peer-to-peer exchange system that allows anyone to send money with a better exchange rate and avoid excessive bank fees. With over €5 billion traded through the platform, CurrencyFair allowed users to save over €180 million.


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