An Impactful Code Reviews Strategy: 2-Day Leadership Workshop (AMERICAS 0221)

In this special workshop for engineering leaders, we work on designing an impactful code review strategy, including a clear and actionable code review policy. The goal of the workshop is to understand how your team's code review goals can be effectively achieved on an organizational level through a solid and goal-oriented code review strategy.

This workshop is interactive and hands-on and designed primarily for engineering leaders responsible for leading engineers, teams, and organizations towards a high-performing code review practice.


  • What is an impactful code review strategy?
  • Understand Tradeoffs during Code Reviews
  • Practices to increase code review speed
  • Practices to increase feedback quality
  • Latest code review research and best practices
  • Case studies: Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and many more
  • Social Aspects during code reviews
  • Working towards success using the right code review metrics

About Dr. Michaela Greiler

With a Ph.D. from the Delft University of Technology in Software Engineering and six years of experience improving software development processes at Microsoft, Dr. Michaela Greiler possesses both, thorough theoretical knowledge and extensive industry experience.

Over the last years, she conducted multiple large scale studies on code reviews, authored several articles in high-ranked scientific publications, and lead product teams to a more effective and efficient code review process. Her passion is to enable engineers to experience friction-less processes and overcome bottlenecks.

You can find out more about her work at

Date and Time

The workshop takes place on February 26th & March 12th from 11:00 AM - 1:30 PM Eastern Time (click here for timezones). This is a live event. Do not purchase if you cannot attend.

What people say about it

"Perfect mix of theory, background, and practical. This is hard to get right!" (Dave Cottlehuber, Software architect at SkunkWerks)

"Thank you for leading the workshop earlier in the week. I found it to be informative and engaging. It encouraged discussion in a relaxed environment, which was valuable to me since a lot of the colleagues attending were in orgs that have different practices." (Ciro Nishiguchi, Chief Engineer at National Instruments)

"I really recommend this code review workshop. It expanded my understanding of the code review process. Specifically, I understood much better the difference in perspectives between coder and reviewer." (Stas Wishnevetsky, Backend Team Lead

"Michaela is a great communicator and expert on the topic! I enjoyed the workshop in general, especially provided examples of good and poor code review feedback. If you are interested or want to know more about code reviews best practices I’d definitely recommend her!" (Vasily Belolapotkov, Full-stack developer at Automattic)

"Code-reviews and their expected results are very subjective. Putting them into a valuable and dignified context for all participants can be difficult. This workshop offers actionable ideas and principles that can help improve them for your team and yourself."  (Jakob Oberhummer, Co-Founder at Etonomy)

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