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Waiting lists

Waiting lists allow your customers to join a list tied specifically to a particular ticket after the ticket sells out.

If a ticket becomes available, you can choose to offer the ticket to your waiting list.

Enabling the waiting list

To enable a waiting list for a particular ticket, just to to the ticket in the Tickets section and set the switch beside Enable Waiting list to the on position.

Collecting Signups

Once a ticket sells out, the Join Waiting List option will appear to your potential attendees. They can now join the waiting list for that ticket.

When someone joins the waiting list, they appear in the Waiting List section of Tito.

Offering tickets

Once somebody has joined the waiting list for a ticket, the ticket goes into waiting list mode. At this point, even if you increase the capacity of the ticket, it will not be available to register until the waiting list has been cleared out.

People who have joined the waiting list are listed in the Waiting List section, newest first. To offer a ticket someone, click on their name and then click on Offer Ticket. You can customise the message that gets sent to them. The message includes two {{Mustache}} tags: {{rsvp_link}}, which is the unique once-off link that allows them to redeem their ticket, and {{expires}}, if you choose to set an expiry time.

Hit Send once you’re happy with the message. This will send a unique link to that person that they can use to get a ticket. The unique link is only usable once, so it cannot be shared with other people to redeem more tickets.

Setting an expiry time

You can set an expiry time on the offer to create a sense of urgency. After the time expires, the link will display an error and will no longer be able to be used to register a ticket.

Rejecting waiting list entries

You can remove people from the waiting list by rejecting their application. Just hit the Reject button. If you reject all the people on a waiting list, and there are still tickets available, the ticket will appear as available again.

You can still offer a ticket to someone was previously rejected: just click on Offer Ticket to restore them to the waiting list, noting that this will return the ticket to waiting list status again until the waiting list offer is redeemed or rejected again.

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