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iframe callbacks

iframe callbacks is a beta feature that allows you to run code in response to certain events during the Tito checkout process, whether you’re using the widget or our hosted event page. Please contact us if you’d like to try it out.

Multi-domain warning You can either host your own tracking page or paste HTML into the custom tracking HTML field. If you host your own page, you can potentially access session data from your own site inside the iframe. Please note that if a user has not been on your site, some browsers will not allow our iframe to access the session. If you use the widget, then most customers will start on your site, so this should be ok.

How it works

The iframe callbacks are hosted inside an invisible iframe that is embedded throughout the whole Tito checkout process, even if you’re using the widget and the customer gets redirected to our servers if they are on mobile for example.

As the customer goes through the checkout process, events are sent to the iframe, and you can use tito.js to listen for these events.

The basic events

You can use this gist as an empty starting point for seeing the lifecycle events that you can listen to. These contain the same data as would be sent to a hosted widget. Refer to our widget docs or the examples below to see what data is available.

The Google Analytics integration

Our Google Analytics integration uses this technique to send details along to Google. You can use this as a starting point for your own integration. See this gist.

A Sample Facebook pixel

As an example, here’s a gist that shows how you might use the callbacks to add a Facebook tracking pixel.


You can add your custom tracking html or custom URL in Customize -> Services.

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